Office Systems Technology

The Office Systems Technology program covers many areas of business. It is a growing field with diverse opportunities. The faculty believes that a fully developed student has the ability to think creatively, make decisions, solve problems, visualize concepts and respond to office situations in a professional manner. We also believe that a student’s ability to contribute to a group effort, while maintaining a positive self-concept, will improve their chances for success in today’s complex office environment.

The purpose of the Office Systems Technology program is to provide accessible, quality, educational opportunities that will provide individuals with the knowledge, technical skills, and attitudes necessary to obtain entry-level employment in a general office environment, or in medical or legal office work.

The associate degree and certificate programs produce graduates who are prepared for employment as entry-level bookkeepers, secretaries, data entry clerks, word processors, receptionists, general clerical clerks, office managers, legal, medical or administrative assistants. Program graduates are to be competent in the academic areas of communications, mathematics, computer literacy, and human relations. Technical areas include word processing, information management, records management, data entry, keyboarding, office management, and accounting.

Reid State Technical College will accomplish program objectives by providing students with comprehensive general education and technical training in the core areas of Office Systems Technology. The college will ensure program quality through certification of graduate competencies and Office Proficiency Assessment Certification (OPAC).

The philosophy and purpose of the Office Systems Technology program are consistent with that of the governing institution.

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