Adult Education
The mission of Reid State Technical College Adult Education Program is to change lives through education by helping individuals to reach their full potential. The program will provide Adults with the opportunity to improve academic skills, prepare for the GED test, improve literacy skills, improve life skills, and develop essential skills needed for the workforce and transition into a career or postsecondary education program. The mission will be accomplished through individualized, computer based and group instruction. Students will be encouraged to set goals appropriate to their potential.

Class Component

All classes are learning labs where adult learners may work on an individualized program of learning, which will allow them to reach their goals. There are group discussion, classroom participation, as well as, presentation on certain lessons by the teacher. Teachers provide the learner with materials and individual help to learn on his/her own level.

TABE tests are used to determine initial educational functioning level, advancement to another educational levels, and readiness to take the GED. Instruction is offered FREE OF CHARGE!!! to enrolled learners. Classes are conducted on a year-round basis Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at various locations.

The time required to prepare for the GED test varies based on the length of time one has been out of school, the highest grade completed in high school, the amount of time spent studying and the rate of pace of academic achievement. After completing the required tasks set forth in the class, including the Official GED Practice Test, learners may take the GED for FREE.

Types of Assistance Offered:
  • Academic Skills Remediation ( i.e., reading, math, and language)
  • ASVAB Preparation
  • COMPASS & ATB Skill Enhancement
  • Career Readiness Credential (CRC) Preparation
  • GED Preparation
  • GED On-line
  • High School Exit Exam Remediation
  • Literacy Improvement
  • WorkKeys Preparation/Certification
What is Expected of the Adult Learner

The adult learner is expected to be self-disciplined, able to work independently, motivated to begin and complete lessons without constant monitoring and display behavior that reflects maturity.

High school drop outs age 17 or younger are acceptable contingent on meeting the required guidelines. (Contact AE Director).


Registration for the Adult Education Program takes place on a continuous basis. It involves the candidate’s participation in three activities:
  1. GED orientation.

  2. Participation in an interview with the teacher: In this interview, educational goals are discussed.

  3. Participation in assessment activities: In most cases, the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is administered to the adult learner. The results of the test are used to help set learning goals and to help the teacher and the learner to cooperatively develop the Individual Plan of Instruction (POI), which serves as a guide to learning activities.

All adult learners are expected to be regular and prompt in attendance.The program generally follows the same schedule of holidays, opening date, and closing date of Reid State Technical College, but on some dates the schedule may vary.

All adult learners must personally sign-in and out each day.The adult learner is expected to remain in class at all times except during break and other scheduled times.

Learning Materials

All printed instructional materials and the equipment necessary for providing meaningful learning experiences are provide to the adult learner at no charge.The adult learner is expected to provide his/her own paper, pen, and pencil.

Privilege Policy

All adult learners are expected to conduct themselves in a manner, not interfering with the teaching and learning process. An adult learner who shows consistently uncooperative behavior will be withdrawn from the program.

Standards of Progress

All students enrolled in Adult Education classes must be making academic progress. Any student who attends class, but who does not demonstrate effort and is not academically productive, will be dropped from the program. Students will NOT BE allowed to be idle during instructional time.

Dismissal from the Program

Students violating the policies will be suspended from the Adult Education Program for a period to be determined by the Director. A second violation may result in permanent dismissal from the program. A second violation such as stealing, gambling, use of profanity, fighting, disobeying, showing disrespect to a teacher, possession of firearms or weapons, and possession of any drugs may result in permanent dismissal from the program.


After being dropped from the program, the student must request reinstatement from the Director, Ms. Caroll Byrd-Lymon (251) 578-1313 ext. 163. If the request for reinstatement is granted, the student may then be placed on a waiting list. Reinstatement will be on a space available basis. All first time entering students will be given priority and will be allowed to enter before students who request reinstatement. You are NOT guaranteed a space in class once you have been dropped.

Withdrawals from the Program

Adult learners who find it necessary for any reason to stop coming to class before completion of their educational goals are asked to notify the Adult Education Director at (251) 578-1313 ext. 163 or their AE instructor.
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